What Our Patients Are Saying

I have been extremely happy with Debbie Marcus’s service and highly recommend her! She is not only very experienced and attentive to needs, but will spend as much time with you as necessary to deal with any hearing issues. She provides highly personalized care, treats you like close family, and consistently goes above and beyond. – Michael Sand

Debby Marcus is the best audiologist I’ve ever encountered. Her attention to detail is excellent. She leaves no stone unturned when it comes to doing everthing possible to treat her patients. Debby is most patient and considerate. Debby is completely devoted to her patients. She loves her job. At my age of 76 I have seen a few audiologists and Debby really is superior. Great going Debby! Look forward to seeing you next time. Sincerely, Marjorie T. Forrest

Dr. Deborah Marcus is fantastic. Her unflinching amicability and patience are a breath of fresh air.- Genrico Danger

I would recommend Debbie without hesitation. She knows her job and spends all the time needed to be sure her patients get the best results – Jacob Zylberman

I would give Deborah Marcus 10 stars because she goes above and beyond in her service and care of her patients. She is absolutely the greatest audiologist! – Kitty Seiffer

The most caring audiologists in NJ. She’s the best!- Marilin Illescas

My hearing started deteriorating in my late 60s. It became difficult for me to follow conversations, movies and TV. Talking to friends and associates, I learned that hearing loss is quite common with older people but that many people with hearing impairment get bargain hearing aids which they keep in a draw and never use. I realized that proper evaluation and proper tuning of the hearing aids are necessary to maximize the benefit and, I understood why so many of the hearing impaired people Who do not get properly evaluated and do not have tuning to suit their specific needs are not satisfied with performance and therefore do not use the hearing aids they bought. Talking to friends, associates and neighbors I decided to get help from Deborah Marcus. I asked Mrs. Marcus to keep me informed about new developments leading to better hearing aids for me. I am now using the 3rd set recommended by Mrs. Marcus. Mrs. Marcus offered complete help whenever I had problem with no charge for such visits (most of the problems were due to me not following the proper maintenance and cleaning procedures although couple of time retuning was necessary because of further deterioration of my hearing). I have been totally satisfied with the ample help I have been receiving from her with each of the sets. I have no reservation about recommending her. – Mordechai Warshavsky, PhD

Extremely Professional and attentive to your hearing conditions, Debbie always takes time to listen to your concerns and offers perfect solutions. – Rocky Menzella

Couldn’t be better. A top professional providing service like no other.
Strongly recommended. – Udi Shapir

I called Debbie Marcus to see a patient of mine that was out of town and in need of a service. She was kind enough to call me back and see the patients at no charge. She is professional and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of hearing aids in the Teaneck area! – Elise Witz

I would give Deborah Marcus 10 stars because she goes above and beyond in her service and care of her patients. She is absolutely the greatest audiologist!

Kitty S.

The most caring audiologists in NJ. She’s the best!

Marilin I.