Welcome to Audiology Associates of North Jersey

Healthy hearing is priceless. The quality of life you enjoy largely depends on the quantity of sounds you can hear.

At Audiology Associates of North Jersey we’ve been restoring the richness of sound for our patients for over 20 years. The success of our solutions lies in our unique combination of compassionate care, cutting-edge technology, and extensive experience. We are a locally owned practice and offer comprehensive hearing healthcare services to the New Jersey area.

Your hearing is like your fingerprint: it’s completely unique to you, your history, and your physiology. At Audiology Associates of North Jersey it’s why we focus on individualized patient care and take the time to discover your specific hearing needs. Our standard of care is not to just leave you satisfied. But to leave you fascinated.

Our patients have been choosing us since 1998. Discover why.

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Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for Audiologist Debbie Marcus. I have been repeatedly impressed by her high level of professionalism and repeatedly touched by her personal thoughtfulness, kindness and sensitivity. My hearing has improved enormously since I began seeing her and my gratitude to her is enormous.

– Pnina S.

Debbie Marcus delivers the kind of individualized care that is so rare these days. It’s comforting to know that I have finally found an Audiologist who devotes such extraordinary personal and professional attention to my needs. Debbie is my Audiologist for life.

– Mary T.

I am a patient of Debbie Marcus for nearly 10 great years. I was fortunate to have met her in 2009. I thought Doctors like her do not exist in today’s times. Over and over Debbie Marcus and her highly qualified staff have proved to me she maintains a modern practice but with old fashion compassion. She reacts to emergencies unlike any professional I have met. You will never be waiting too long for a call back. For these reasons and more I highly recommend the “Dr. Marcus experience.”

– Chriqui L.

I want to take this opportunity, to publicly thank Deborah Marcus, for her outstanding professional care. Deborah is nothing short of pure dedication, in her pursuit to provide her patients, with the ultimate service possible. She is an excellent audiologist.

– Meridyth W.

Debbie Marcus is a great audiologist! She really cares about her clients’ best interest and does everything within her ability to make sure they are satisfied with their hearing aids. If there is something about the hearing aid that doesn’t work for you she can help you identify it and then she solves the problem. She is not afraid to tackle any challenge and there is no problem that is too big or too little for her. I have been a client of hers for over 8 years. During that time, I have been to numerous other audiologists with family members and friends and she shines above them all.

– Denise K.

I’ve suffered from hearing loss since I was very young and have been helped by many audiologists over the years. But everything changed for me when I met Deborah Marcus about 8 years ago. Debbie delivers the highest levels of care and competence that I’ve seen from anyone in the industry and I can’t recommend her enough. When I first started wearing aids, I incorrectly assumed that the only thing that mattered was choosing a high-quality aid that fit my budget. But it wasn’t until I met Debbie that I realized your choice of audiologist was just as important. Debbie makes you feel so supported and cared for and will continue to work with you until your aids have been tweaked to absolute perfection (which can be an extremely time-consuming process). She has also gone to bat for me numerous times when I had issues with manufacturers, which I’m so grateful for. The customer service she offers is the best in the business and on top of that, she’s a wonderful human being (and mother), to boot. Highly, highly recommended.

– Jason C.

Debbie is so accommodating to me. Every time I have a problem with either my Phonak hearing aids or the assistive listening device called Roger Pen, she couldn’t be nicer. And she is almost always able to resolve the problem. If she cannot, she seems to have a direct line with the Phonak company and she’s eager to listen to them and let them fix the problem while I am sitting in her office which I personally appreciate.

In my experience, Debbie is the best audiologist and I can say that with certainty after having worn hearing aids for 40 years.

– Herb R.

My hearing started deteriorating in my late 60s. It became difficult for me to follow conversations, movies, and TV. Talking to friends and associates, I learned that hearing loss is quite common with older people but that many people with hearing impairment get bargain hearing aids which they keep in a drawer and never use. I realized that proper evaluation and proper tuning of the hearing aids are necessary to maximize the benefit and, I understood why so many of the hearing impaired people Who do not get properly evaluated and do not have tuning to suit their specific needs are not satisfied with performance and therefore do not use the hearing aids they bought. Talking to friends, associates, and neighbors I decided to get help from Deborah Marcus. I asked Mrs. Marcus to keep me informed about new developments leading to better hearing aids for me. I am now using the 3rd set recommended by Mrs. Marcus. Mrs. Marcus offered complete help whenever I had a problem with no charge for such visits (most of the problems were due to me not following the proper maintenance and cleaning procedures although a couple of time retuning was necessary because of further deterioration of my hearing). I have been totally satisfied with the ample help I have been receiving from her with each of the sets. I have no reservation about recommending her.

– Mordechai W, PhD.

I count myself very very lucky to have known her and to have had her services as an Audiologist in my office. She can only be described as perfect. She does her job perfectly. She is an intelligent and kind person. She is reliable and honest. You will be lucky to be associated with her.

– Leigh L, M.D.
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Who We Are

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Hearing Services

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Hearing Aids

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Discover what you’ve been missing.

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